Welcome to Mulberry Pheasant Farm

We aim to bring you the best hunting experience possible weather your choice of game is pheasants, quail, or partridge, we promise to make every hunter's experience a memorable one!!! 

Mulberry Pheasant was established in 1953 has been in business for over 50 years including four generations of family and creating long lasting memories. Tony and his wife have dedicated their time to creating an environment that replicates the types of pheasant hunting that existed in Ohio many years ago. Here at Mulberry Pheasant Farm we strive to bring you a one of a kind hunting experience.

Mulberry Pheasant Farm is dedicated to bringing you a higher standard of upland hunting along with a premier outdoor experience!!

 Our Hunting Fields always have exceptional cover which provides both a challenge to the dog and hunter.

Nothing like seeing a dog on point!!! Except for when it is followed up by a great retrieve on a nice Pheasant!!!                                          


Tower Shoot Special

 Based upon the old English driven pheasant hunts, this style of hunting allows a new venue for those interested in adding a fun activity to their hunt. Tower Shoots offers the excitement of being in a group setting while enjoying live bird shooting. Groups of shooters can enjoy a day of pheasant shooting as birds are released from "cannon" located on top of our natural bluff tower. Birds on the wing fly over at tree top level without warning to provide the ultimate in tower shooting. If you’re looking for something new and fun to add to your hunt, you should try it!!!