Available Birds to Hunt

There is a minimum bird purchase of $42 and all hunters over the age of 16 are subject to a $10 cover charge.

All birds are priced on a release basis, there are no free birds, any extra birds taken are HALF price

All Rooster Pheasants Hunts can be had by request for a slightly higher price per bird. Else all Pheasant hunts will approximately contain a mix of 50/50 Roosters to Hens

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Pheasant - Rooster or Hen


Pheasant hunting in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky used to be a long standing tradition back in the 1960's and 70's. These birds will prove to be just as challenging to hunt as the "wild" birds found through out the state during those days.  Pheasant hunting is a great experience for both the experienced and the youth!!!

Hungarian Partridge (Huns)


 These birds are for the more advanced hunter, and can be compared to the grouse our fathers hunted years ago. Even the most experience wing shooter and dog will find these birds challenging to hunt up.  It is also said that these are one of the tastiest of upland game birds.

Chukar Partridge


 Chukars or better known red legged partridge are a challenging bird for all hunters, these birds love to roam in the grasses and live in large coveys which when encountered can make for some highly explosive action. These birds will prove a challenge for any hunter and dog as they can be difficult to sneak up on. 

Quail - (Bobwhite)


 These fast flying small to hit targets can prove to be one of the most challenging birds encountered in the field. Place anywhere from 5 to 20 in a covey and be prepared for one incredible upland hunting experience as you bust them up and spend the rest of the day finding the ones that got away!! 

Quail - (Tennessee Red)


 There are many different kinds of quail including the bobwhite and Tennessee Red which seem to be even faster and trickier to shoot. If you are up for the challenge inquire about the reds, and enjoy your day!!!  

Bird Cleaning - $2.00 each

Lunch - Pheasant Pot Pie (Ask at check-in)

Gift Certificates also available, the perfect gift for the hunter for any occasion.